Future American President_ Signed Edition

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Cover_Future American President_051414 2.jpg

Future American President_ Signed Edition



Celebrity foreword by Zendaya

Exclusive statement by President Jimmy Carter


How can you inspire the next generation of leaders while teaching them about America at the same time?

Future American President in a collection of 100 children beautifully photographed in each of the 50 states of America. Each child is asked the question, "In the future, what would you do if you were the President of the United States?"

Future American President teaches children about the first 44 American Presidents and teaches them where each was born, the years they served in office, and their presidential order from the 1st to the 44th. The book also serves to teach children about their own state. Each section shares information about iconic Americans from every state, like Scientist Bill Nye of the District of Columbia, Peanuts creator Charles Schulz from Minnesota, and Physicist Ernest Laurence of South Dakota and Sandra Day O'Connor of Texas. 

Children get to learn visually how American was formed from the moment they open this wonderfully designed book. The books table of contents is created in the form of a timeline, which gives the year each state became part of the union, making learning fun, simple and easy. Future American President includes a special map of America with the names of each American President listed on the state where they were born.

The most powerful aspect of Future American President is the faces included in the book. Children get to learn from their peers that look and write like them. The book includes the hand-written statements of children sharing their vision of a world they envision in the future. 

Each book is personalized via your instructions, signed and dated by the author Matthew Jordan Smith

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