Help! My lighting sucks!

Are you confident with you photography lighting skills? At the end of 2017, I received an email from someone saying, "Help! My lighting sucks!" 

I emailed the person back and invited them to my last webinar of 2017 but his initial email gave me the ideas for today's podcast episode for Master Your Lens.

To hear the episode, <<<CLICK HERE>>>

When it comes to light, you definitely need to see a visual reference, so you can also join me today for the lighting webinar with this link: <<<LIGHTING WEBINAR>>> 

Photography by Matthew Jordan Smith

Photography by Matthew Jordan Smith

When it comes to learning lighting, you must practice, practice, practice, because the more you shoot the better your eye will become at seeing the small things that make a huge difference. Join me for today's webinar as we go deeper into lighting. 


Always dream big,