Ohio photography workshop

I'm coming to see you!

This week, the Next Level Photography Workshop tour begins and I'll be teaching everything I've learned about the business of photography including lighting, shooting techniques, business tips and strategies and most important believe it or not, I'm going to teach what I like to call, "beyond the gear!" This is what really makes a difference and gives you a long career in photography. Yes, you are going to learn about all the gear as well and I'm going to teach you a lot about light and you'll be able to shoot as well, so bring your gear, but this workshop is aimed to really make a difference in your photography and in your life.

If you love photography and want to learn how to have a better career, come join me as I travel all over America, Canada, and Europe to teach what I love!

Here is the list of all the cities and dates:

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April 28th: Orange County


May 1st: Portland


May 2nd: Seattle


May 4th: Vancouver, Canada


May 8th: Minneapolis, MN


May 10th: Chicago, IL


May 12th: Toronto, Canada


May 15th: Columbus, Ohio


May 16th: Indianapolis, IN


May 17th: St. Louis, Missouri


May 22nd: Washington, D.C.


May 23rd: Philadelphia, PA


May 24th: New York City


May 26th: Boston, MA


May 30th: Charlotte, NC


May 31st: Atlanta, GA


June 1st: Nashville, TN


June 3rd: Orlando, Fl


June 6th: Houston, TX


June 7th: Dallas, TX


June 8th: Austin, TX


June 10th: Phoenix, Az


June 12th: San Francisco, CA


June 14th: Los Angeles, CA


June 19th: London


June 21st: Amsterdam


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