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How did you shoot that picture?

For years people have asked me "how did you shoot that images?" Sometimes the question is in reference to the camera, and sometimes it is about the light, but rarely does anyone go deeper into the question to get the essence of creating an images.

Vanessa Williams_pretty in pink.jpg

In regard to lighting, this images was created using Kino flo lights, but the magic is know when to use specific light and the quality each type of light has. Working as a photo assistant taught me how to do a lot of different things with light, but one of the most important things was learning which type of light to use to achieve a specific look.

If you'd like to know more about using lights fill out my one question survey on lighting by clicking the link below.

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Always dream big

FREE PDF: 5 Secrets To Creating Powerful Children's Pictures

I am known for creating portraits of celebrities, but in many ways, working with celebrities has trained me to photograph children.  In my current personal project, Future American President, I photographed 100 children throughout America and I discovered many of the secrets to getting great images of famous celebrities also applies to photographing children. In both cases, you must get the image quickly or you lose them forever.

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Always Dream Big