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Wish you had more time in the day?

I think we all wish we had more time in the day to do what we love. It seems time goes by faster and faster each year, especially as we work to grow our photography businesses. 

This week, I'm hosting a photography webinar to help you manage your time and get over any fears you may have surrounding pricing your photography. To join me on the webinar, click the link below. You'll have a chance to take part in a LIVE photography lighting exercise and have the opportunity to get in on WEEKLY LIVE TRAINING SESSIONS! 


Photographed with the  Nikon D850  and  Nikkor 105 f/1.4 lens

Photographed with the Nikon D850 and Nikkor 105 f/1.4 lens

4 Photography Mistakes And How To Avoid Them - Day 2

When I was first starting out in photography, I thought the more light I added to an image the better my image would become. I believed my pictures didn't look good because I just didn't have enough light to "fix" them .

4 Photography Mistakes And How To Avoid Them - Day 2


# 2: I Need More Light To Make Better Pictures

One of my biggest mistakes starting out in photography was buying more gear than I needed at the time. I remember thinking I needed at least three lights to make a decent picture but when I finally had three lights I still wasn't happy with my pictures. By having more lights I felt like a professional but my pictures didn't look any better. One day a mentor took me to the side and said, "Matthew before you buy any more lights learn to master using one light first!" I think that was the best advice I've ever received in my career. 

Photographic lighting is hard to see but by learning how to use one light first you begin seeing how light works. To avoid making the mistake I made, use one light in as many ways as possible. Think of the sun, which is one light source, but it gives us many different types of light. Use your one light in as many ways as possible and find out which way is your favorite. Once you find what you like, use it over and over until you master it.

To learn more about light and photography, join this week's webinar/master class which take place this Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. PST 

Master Class: How Photographic Lighting Can Increase Your Income In 90 Days

Time: 10:00 a.m. PST (California) / 1:00 p.m. EST (New York)


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